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K9 Officer Zzisa to Receive Ballistic Vest Through Charity Campaign

zzisaVested Interest in K9s, Inc. and Groupon Provide Ultimate Protection for University of Pennsylvania Police K9

The University of Pennsylvania Police Department K9 Zzisa has been awarded a ballistic vest thanks to a nationwide GROUPON EVENT.

The “Goods Pet Collection” campaign for Groupon Grassroots to outfit police K9s with bullet and stab protective vests is underway now through May 25th at 11:59pm Central Standard Time. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is the nationwide non-profit organization and charity partner selected by Groupon Grassroots to participate. The online $10 donation suggests interested persons purchase a GROUPON (a tax deductible donation) through where 100% of the funds are allocated to purchase ballistic vests for the four-legged crime fighters who put their lives on the line for the community and their partner.

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. will provide law enforcement dogs nationwide with the protective body armor in memory of K9 Kye of the Oklahoma City Police Department who sacrificed his life in the line of duty on August 24th, 2014. K9 Kye suffered stab wounds while pursuing and subduing a burglary suspect. He was rushed to surgery but failed to recover.

All vests will be embroidered with the sentiment, “In Memory of K9 Kye, Oklahoma City Police Department”.

In 2014, Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. partnered with Groupon and was named as one of “The Best of 2014” campaigns. In just over two weeks, the nonprofit raised $335,000.00 providing ballistic vests for 370 law enforcement dogs in 49 states.



Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501c (3) charity located in East Taunton, MA whose mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the United States. Each vest costs $1050.00 and has a 5 year warranty. The nonprofit was established in 2009 to assist law enforcement agencies with this potentially lifesaving body armor for their four legged K9 Officers. Through private and corporate sponsorships, Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. provided over 1400 law enforcement dogs in 49 states with protective vests since 2009 at a cost of over $1.3 million dollars.

New K9 graduates as well as K9s with expired vests are eligible to participate. The program is open to law enforcement dogs who are US employed, certified and at least 19 months of age.

For more information, please call 508-824-6978. Tax deductible donations are accepted by mail at Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. PO Box 9 East Taunton, MA 02718 and via the website: