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Emergency Procedures

Sigma Chi

3809 Locust Walk

Building Area of Refuge (BAR)


IFO Harnwell


Green Area E. of Rodin

Building Relocation Site


Rodin College House


Class of 1920 Dining Commons

Building Shelter-in-Place Area

Second & Third Floor Corridors


(Weather Emergencies/Hazardous Conditions in the outside environment)
Purpose: To shelter occupants inside the building in the event of a hazardous conditions due to biological material/spill, severe weather, or other emergency incident outside of the building.
  • Go inside the nearest building.
  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Report to the building’s shelter area.


(Fire/Unsafe Building Environment)
Purpose: To alert occupants to leave the building in the event of an emergency incident, such as a fire, inside of the building. Notify and assist those needing help in the immediate area.
  • Close all doors as you exit.
  • Activate fire alarm pull station.
  • Evacuate the building via nearest exit; report to BAR listed above; and call emergency number.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Do not re-enter building until authorized by emergency personnel.


(Active Threat/Active Shooter)
Purpose: Used when there is an immediate threat to the building occupants. In the event of a Lockdown, students, faculty, and staff would be instructed to secure themselves in the room they are in and not to leave until notified that it is safe to do so (an “all clear”).

RUN (Evacuate): When an active shooter is in your vicinity

HIDE (Hide Out): If evacuation is not possible, find a place hide.

FIGHT (Take Action): AS A LAST RESORT, and only if your life is in danger.

POLICE RESPONSE: When law enforcement officers arrive: Keep your EMPTY hands raised and visible. Remain calm and follow instructions.

Watch the short video below to learn about key emergency procedures:
Evacuate, Shelter-in-Place and Lockdown.